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Do You Need Surgery After a Core Needle Biopsy Diagnosis of a High Risk Breast Lesion?

This article about high risk breast lesions in HealthImaging highlights what my Radiology colleague from Harvard and I have been writing and lecturing about over the past several years. There remains significant controversy on how to treat high risk breast lesions that are diagnosed on needle core biopsy. Among these high risk lesions are lobular neoplasia [...]

What Do You Know About The Doctor That Diagnosed Your Breast Biopsy?

If you or someone you know has felt a breast lump or had an abnormal mammogram, you know it can be a very scary situation.  The immediate fear is “I might have breast cancer.” When confronted with a breast health issue, many patients seek out a particular breast center or a breast doctor well-known for [...]

New Book on Management of Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer

Breast surgeon Dr. Nora Hansen’s new book on the management of women at high risk for breast cancer is now published. I am proud to have written the chapter on the pathologic evaluation of so-called “high risk” lesions. As I’ve written before, this is a controversial area that has wide-ranging impacts on patient care.  My [...]

Pacific Breast Pathology

Seattle Breast Pathology Consultants has joined forces with another breast pathologist to form Pacific Breast Pathology.  In addition to our existing second opinion consultation service, we will now be providing services to radiologists and surgeons for primary diagnostic interpretation of breast core biopsies and surgical specimens performed in California.  We also will have full service [...]

Be Cautious of the Information You Get on the Internet About Breast Pathology

I wrote a blog article a couple of years ago about how there is a lot of misinformation given out by many websites where patients can write in and ask questions related to breast pathology issues. Unfortunately, in the past few years nothing seems to have changed. There are still many sites out there where [...]

News Release on Preliminary Data Using Oncotype DX® in DCIS

A recent news release from Genomic Health, Inc. indicates preliminary data shows that the Oncotype DX® test can provide a score predicting risk of local recurrence in patients with a diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). DCIS is a very heterogeneous disease and there is disagreement in the breast care community as to how [...]

Continued Disagreement on Whether Certain “High Risk” Breast Lesions on Core Biopsy Require Surgery

I recently posted a pdf version of our course on “Controversies on the Management of High Risk Breast Lesions on Core Biopsy” that my Radiology colleague and I gave in San Diego last year.  The diagnoses we are referring to as “high risk” on core biopsy include atypical lobular hyperplasia/lobular carcinoma in situ, papilloma, radial [...]

Our Course on High Risk Breast Lesions on Core Biopsy

I have uploaded a pdf version of our course on high risk lesions on breast core biopsy that we gave last year in San Diego.  We used an audience response system so if you follow through the slides you’ll see the questions we asked of the audience and the responses that we received in real [...]

Image Gallery

Our image gallery is back up and running with a whole new set of images of a variety of breast pathology diagnoses.  If you hold your computer’s mouse over an image the diagnosis will appear.  Each diagnosis is also at the bottom left of each full-sized image when clicked on.  If you have any suggestions [...]

Phyllodes Tumor vs. Cellular Fibroadenoma Poster

I did a study with nine breast pathology colleagues of mine on how breast pathologists distinguish cellular fibroadenomas from phyllodes tumor.  Our abstract was accepted at the 100th annual USCAP meeting in San Antonio this year.  I have attached a pdf version of our poster below: FEL_poster Please feel free to comment or ask questions [...]